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Quantum is a cryptocurrency of Chinese origin that like other cryptocurrencies in the market stands out for a great added value, this is the main reason why it has attracted attention in the investment market of crypts.

With the support of the Chinese government, it is recognized for its translucency and leadership.

Quantum comes out with an innovative proposal, takes the intelligent contracts made in the chain of blocks, blockchain, a design mechanism and simpler in its use.

And as it is demonstrated the simpler the more successful it is. The Quantum team showed their technical whitepaper, and they take on the responsibility of making a global open source community that will be influential through collaboration with other blockchain collectives, which are third-party developers, including also betting on new technical innovations.

We can say that Quantum is one of the first real deflationary currencies in the whole world.

The quantum tokens are acquired continuously, they are destined to the direction of the black hole and monthly, they are destroyed cryptographically.

This singular phase means that the number of existing units is reduced monthly and makes Quantum a pioneer in the printing of world money and inflationary currencies.

As a result of its procedure, Quantum is becoming less and less available as time goes by, investors who keep the remaining units will gain more value each time the destruction process exerts a repetitive pressure on the rise over the active price.

The main purpose of the currency taking into account the speculation over the price is that it continues to increase progressively, thus facilitating deflation through self-destruction.

Over time it is believed that the currency will create liquidity and will be an aid with the loans and arbitration in the cryptosphere, and all the benefits obtained from these activities will automatically acquire the QAU tokens and will be directed in the direction of the black hole that in every moment may be examined publicly.

Each time that the price of the currency increases, more benefits will be needed to exterminate the same amount of coins there is, for which a moment of equilibrium in the Sata of the price / extermination of the currency will arrive, this will develop a delay in the moment when all the quantum coins disappear.

Quantum's main objective in its project is to achieve the institutional-grade liquidity of cryptocurrencies and digital asset markets.

Order books and wide market margins are one of the great reasons for preventing big players from entering the cryptography revolution.

This inevitably prevents notable cash traffics from entering and leaving the markets in an efficient and profitable way and leads to skepticism among the owners of classic money.

In order to support this rapidly growing ecosystem of various crypto currencies and digital assets, the crypto economy needs a professional and powerful supplier in liquidity in all markets linked to encryption.

This will lead to a faster and more stable increase of the entire encrypted economy.

Mining is a process that is based on constantly creating new units of cryptographic currencies.

The vast majority of the so-called miners who work in this operation, constantly sell recently created coins to cover all expenses since this process is very expensive.

This establishes a downward force on the price and the new money must circulate in the market only to keep the price at the same level.

The quantum tokens will be continuously destroyed and the sum of existing units will be reduced monthly over time.

Just as the eradication of other currencies puts downward pressure, the development of quantum destruction sets an upward pressure on the price.

This procedure will increase the value of the Quantum tokens as time goes by, even without the need to invest in the market.

To acquire Quantum chips in the market, any excess of funds produced by liquidity pool operations will be used and destined in the direction of the black hole.

This procedure will be translucent and auditable in real time using Ethereum blockchain (chain of blocks).

The Quantum design will extend all funds in the liquidity group to provide economic solvency in all currency markets and free assets for investors.

This step will be carried out to provide funds for the negotiation of margins to stock exchanges, linking some markets by mediating price differences and getting markets to use neutral algorithmic trading at said prices.

New ways to improve our development will be constantly worked on and implemented when it is convenient.

The Ethereum protocol will be used to emit the quantum tokens.

Quantum, with its capitalization of $ 12,203,937 usd, remains in position 470 of the market ranking of cryptocurrencies, which is maintained monthly since its appearance in corrective lines for the purpose of evolution.

So far the most feasible option in comparison can be bitcoin for its capitalization.

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