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PayPal Holdings, Inc. (PayPal) was founded by a group of young entrepreneurs including Elon Musk in 1999. The main activity of PayPal is to act as an electronic payment platform, which allows its users to make payments digital and mobile for goods and services carried out around the world. The PayPal platform is available on PC and mobile devices. PayPal offers third-party credit card processing, as well as direct payment processing. Merchants and businesses can use PayPal to accept payments on their commercial websites, mobile devices, mobile applications, and also offline outlets.

For services like those previously mentioned, the company became very popular and for the time being, it is estimated that Paypal has active 162 million active client accounts in more than 200 countries. Most user accounts have to be linked to a bank account for verification and security reasons.


PayPal offers the following products:

Financing purchases using a linked bank account, a PayPal account or a credit or debit card that is linked to a bank account. The PayPal platform is able to connect with banks and other financial institutions to allow consumers to make purchases using other payment methods.
Transfers of funds
The processing of payments made with coupons and gift cards.
Solutions for businesses with previously established authorization functions.
Thanks to PayPal, cross-border purchases can be made on sale platforms, currency trading sites and selected betting sites across 200 countries.

PayPal Holdings Inc

Interesting facts about PayPal Holdings Inc:

PayPal was acquired by eBay to serve as the payment processor for the numerous transactions that occur on eBay's worldwide network every day. However, with the emergence of many e-commerce platforms that challenged the situation of eBay, the company decided to make a division, allowing PayPal to return to be an independent company.

Before this, some decisions were made about opening access to its platform to certain countries that were previously excluded. Several of these countries are in Africa. This decision has increased PayPal's revenue, as was recently revealed in a study in which Nigeria had become one of the largest PayPal markets in less than a year.

PayPal has also taken a big leap by re-entering the online gaming business with stealth. This has taken the market by surprise, since very little information has been published on this subject. Some sports betting sites in the United States have recently offered the option to pay using PayPal, for the first time in a decade.

PayPal is also showing up in the daily lives of ordinary people. In San Francisco, for example, a company has developed an application that allows bus passengers to pay their rates with PayPal.

What is the future for PayPal investors?

PayPal Holdings Inc has started to assert itself in the market after the eBay split. One of the advantages that PayPal has in its favor, is that it has always invested a lot of money in protection against fraud. To this end, PayPal has ensured that it is not associated with merchants or programs whose activity is of design or questionable provenance. Recently, PayPal has removed all file exchange sites from its platform. In its first earnings report since the eBay division in July, PayPal reported on the increase in revenue despite the fact that earnings declined. Multimillionaire investor Carl Icahn has highlighted his participation in eBay to buy a stake in PayPal. This demonstrates the confidence that institutional investors and high net worth have in the company, who own most of PayPal's shares.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for the company in the coming years. However, there is no doubt that if PayPal can continue to increase its market share in the payments market, it will remain a leader in the digital and mobile payments market.