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The new Octanox cryptocurrency (otx) is an innovative payment method, with great security, decentralized and with low transaction costs unlike other cryptocurrencies.

Octanox has notable differences as it offers different alternatives and solutions to perform their transactions more quickly and has an inimitable technology model unlike other cryptocurrencies, due to the use of less energy thanks to the contributions of Waves, differentiating it from Bitcoin to be more considerate of the environment.

One of the big differences of Octanox with respect to Bitcoin is that it can not be mined, using the famous Ethereum mining as an example.

Octanox is currently one of the best payment methods available in the field of cryptocurrencies, along with its abilities and its great growth, it could become one of the biggest competitors of Bitcoin.

Thanks to the use of avant-garde cryptocurrency technologies, the payment solution network is made.

One of the big differences of Octanox is that it is not exploitable, a feature that Bitcoin can not consider.

Octanox has a great team of highly qualified experts who work in a constant development to acquire new innovative forms and achieve one of the best payment systems in the field of cryptocurrency.

There is a great possibility that Octanox, with its unbeatable skills, will become a possible Bitcoin competitor.

With the release of Octanox to the market, it can be placed as an extraordinary multiplatform.

According to investors' predictions, the Octanox crowfunding project that was crowned in June is slowly but surely stabilizing in the cryptocurrency market.

Both in digital systems and in sustainable resolutions, the growth of the decentralization trend suggests that interoperability can become an obstacle, mainly in the cryptocurrency market, in which the acquisition of the same is still far from becoming a global solution because of the multiple cryptocurrency numbers and the current market demands.

Because of this, an ecosystem development has been obtained in which different services need different cryptoconducts, committing complementary fees for users and requiring a considerable amount of trust in different entities.

Octanox, unlike others, is willing to modify these restrictions using it as a means to make a difference and progress in the acquisition of cryptocurrencies.

In the field of virtual economy, Octanox is developing a network of platforms and services that cover all needs, thus becoming an ambitious project to achieve.

Thanks to the wide range of services using its tokens, Octavon will provide all the solutions, counting on its multiple financial operations with a high level of privacy in all its services.

The whole range of services exposed are enhanced by the Octanox token (OTX), whose main function is to protect the privacy of users and helping them to save on possible commissions produced due to the operations carried out.

The vast majority of its technology is based on its chain of blocks (Blockchain of Waves), which is mainly used to carry out all transactions online.

Among its various services, it also seeks to exercise Lesfex, a powerful exchange destined primarily to the user who plays short-term with cryptocurrencies.

The great demand of Octanox is the way to reduce the commissions of the great platform, this is the way to cover its possible growth, creating in this way an organic procedure exclusive in its type, therefore, achieving the growth of Octanox demand and thus achieve a total benefit to the user in all aspects.

One of the features of Octanox is that it is a decentralized open-source cryptocurrency with x11 algorithm and has a POEX and POS hybrid system.

It was founded in April 2017 and its main objective is to launch during the next 6 months a set of six products called: MiddleX, OctaGUI, OTXPay, SmartWeb Wallet, OctaneX and Octalk.

The figure that the miners could count on, is a gain of 0.8 Octanox per transaction rate.

And for every 10,000 million blocks obtained, that remuneration will be reduced until Octanox manages to reach the point where the money from the transactions is convenient to support all the miners.

In the meantime, the remuneration of the POS system or the mining experiment will be directed to those users who have obtained a high amount of Octanox.

The profits will be higher for those owners who have more Octanox in their possession thanks to the POS system.

Octanox, the cryptocurrency also known by the name of OTX, has a price of 0.03 € currently and also has a market capitalization of 268.807usd, with these figures it is placed in the position number 960 in the ranking of cryptocurrencies market, having increases that reach 30% daily, but taking into account a high level of risk of price changes.

OTX can only be obtained with a pair of Exchange, thus becoming a new currency.

The only drawback is that it is not possible to market with it using the CFD.

As of today, you can find a great variety of virtual currencies used in the market, with which it is possible to market and it is easier to estimate their change, taking the example of the one with the highest capitalization, Bitcoin.

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