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Litecoin (LTC), is an electronic currency that was initially thought of as a Bitcoin alternative because it is inspired by its technical aspect. It was invented by former Google employee and director of engineering at Coinbase Calrie Lee in 2011.

Litecoin's trajectory has elapsed with a ridiculous value since it came out to the market, but in recent months it has entered the relevant positions and has increased enough to be able to be at the level of the investors' dimension display.

On the Internet it is still a cryptocurrency that makes immediate payments, anywhere in the world.

Litcoin is a cryptocurrency supported by an open source payment network, with the same basic features as bitcoin that has no central authority and is totally decentralized.

The mathematical method ensures the network and thus users can control their own finances. The confirmation times offered by Litecoin are fast and have an adapted storage efficiency unlike the leading currency based on this mathematical method.

It is proven that Litecoin is a complementary trading medium of Bitcoin, together with important industry support, commercial volume and liquidity.

The most significant difference of Litecoin is that it makes operations easier and significantly performs transactions more quickly.

The objective is to create a lighter and more abundant currency, based on the original idea, that Bitcoin is what silver is to gold.

Currently most currencies, including Litecoin, represent a long-term investment, which if the value goes up, you can get a great benefit.

The main objective of the cryptocurrencies, is to be able to sell them in the future at a higher price, although currently in full boom of the cryptocurrencies, these are used to buy a lot of things, because of the relatively low value compared to other major ones.

According to the prediction of the creator Charlie Lee, it is expected that by the year 2018 there will be highs and lows for the Litecoin, specifying that the current value that can be achieved, could change in great measure in a few months.

In this case, it is not the only one that warns investors to act with caution when making a large investment in cryptocurrencies due to their instability, this can be seen on platforms such as Coinbase, seeing warning messages.

One of the differences with Bitcoin is the speed of transactions, we went from about 10 minutes per transaction to a record time of 2.5 minutes. Thus, payments made between people covering all areas of the world are satisfactory, receiving instant confirmation.

Thanks to the open code and the decentralization that Bitcoin uses, new LTC is obtained through mining.

Both Bitcoins and Litecoins use the same procedure that consists of cryptographic technology, with the notable difference that Bitcoins emission limit is 21 million and Litcoins has a maximum limit of 84 million units.

Litecoin informs that it is not a direct competitor of Bitcoin, but a complement as silver is to gold, and they emphasize that the confirmations of Litcoin are faster, but the security is not so precise.

On October 7, 2011, on the Github page, cryptocurrency was introduced.

In the short term, possible corrections in this area should be studied since it has had a rapid growth in recent months and subsequently a significant drop in prices.

Due to the experience of the ups and downs, to the rapid and unpredictable changes of the cryptocurrency market, the experts specify that more detailed studies will be necessary, using the appropriate knowledge, to avoid erring in their next predictions with Litecoin.

Although Litecoin's market capitalization is $ 7,835,326,509 and is in the 6th position of the global ranking, Bitcoin continues to be predominant, since Litecoin is still secondary, referred as silver, instead of gold like Bitcoin.

The great value of Bitcoin is that it is very useful and scarce, being the same as Litecoin.

The shortage is generated for only 84 million LTC's are possible.

One of the most user-friendly utilities are their low rates and worldwide shipping.

In its beginnings, the Litecoin was very easy to consume due to its low price and having no competition.

The secret of Litecoin is to acquire the higher volume ones, same as Bitcoin to avoid the insecurity of its investors.

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