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Imagine a future in which the Machines will market resources (bandwidth, computer data, electricity, storage, etc.) and services among themselves without intermediaries, directly Machine to Machine.

As the Internet of Things begins to unravel, the need for "Smart Decentralization" is apparent. - Dominik Schiener (co-founder of IOTA).

The initials IoT is specified as The Internet of Things, this is the origin of this open source IOTA cryptocurrency, which allows you to connect electrical objects (washing machine, television, etc.) to the internet.

It is estimated that in the course of 2 years, around 2020, billions of objects will be connected to the NETWORK.

IOTA was founded in 2015 but was born in 2014, when a team of professionals founded behind the platform a Stawrtup, that consisted of developing a microprocessor for the IoT (The Internet of Things). The need for this interoperability together with sharing resources is nowadays an indispensable factor, that is, its expansion will be inevitable.

This open source distributed accounting technology (IOTA) helps companies analyse business models, using from each technological resource a potential function for its real time negotiation in all open markets. IOTA, in this innovative economy, will be one of the most important. The perception of the IOTA Foundation is extended in large perimeters, which need access to a single source.

The most innovative of Ledger Distributed technology is to guarantee the true, because the data is as effective as it is valid. IOTA consists of a protocol on the status of issues in the network, achieving consensus.

By having a secure unified true cryptographic source, an expansion of technological innovation is expected to begin. The objective is to train all the connected mechanisms using the verification of truth and the transactional agreements that reward the mechanisms to have their domains and data at their disposal in real time.

IOTA is a cryptocurrency with an open source account processing technology, with the objective of admitting exchange of information and values between computers in the digital internet interconnection.

The most innovative thing about IOTA is that it uses an architecture based on a mathematical concept called Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) which replaces the traditional Blockchain that is based on a chain of blocks.

The IOTA cryptocurrency was created by David Sønstebø, Sergey Ivancheglo, Dominik Schiener and Serguei Popov in 2015. The IOTA Foundation, a non-profit organization located in Germany, is in charge of developing this technology and promoting its growth as it supervises the project directly. The most revolutionary characteristics of IOTA can be easily recognized, as we have mentioned, it does not require intermediaries, therefore there are no commissions from any field, it is not necessary to connect to the internet and it has scalability and decentralization.

In the world ranking of cryptocurrencies, included in the group of the altcoins, IOTA remains in the 9th position, and has a capitalization of $ 5,218,178,972. The German Foundation also has the collaboration of the Volkswagen automobile company and the solar energy company Innogy, to combine and develop CarPass, a new technique based on IOTA that will develop safe audit trails, car charging networks and digital identifications, looking for new digital technologies.

We can say that IOTA can end up supporting the financial skeleton of the digital commerce system, since the most experienced ones in the subject usually baptise it as the backbone of the Internet. The main use of the current cryptocurrencies is investment, due to this many people acquire them, since their value increases progressively, as most cryptocurrencies nowadays, although users can make a variety of uses.

Several statistical studies have been conducted by experts in which it is speculated that the value of this currency will increase progressively in the coming years, thus it is deduced that this cryptocurrency will be a magnificent investment system. This cryptocurrency is supported by its real growth percentages, since it has risen 1000% in a single month, thus verifying the fast and chilling bitcoin rises. IOTA covers different stages without limits, specialist in micro payments also covering the digital interconnection of everyday objects with Internet.

Unlike bitcoin, IOTA has a great advantage since it eliminates energy expenditure, thus making mining non-existent.IOTA like any other Altcoin, is a decentralized and above all private criptocurrency, that competes with Blockchain that consists of a chain of blocks, that counts on some effective transactions and emphasizing mainly its free position of commissions and the speed in which it executes. To the great work done of investigation, the team of professionals of development of IOTA have been growing progressively increasing thus its members.

The improvement of the vision of the project is clearly seen by the leadership in its environment, in the micro-transactions and the IOT, with which it is estimated a continuous improvement in the structure of the scalability thus benefiting its technology. IOTA makes a difference with its innovative "Tangle" invention, which unlike the blockchain that works with chain blocks, uses its block-less technology, which is more economical and efficient.

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