How does it work?

How does it work?

How does AG Markets works?

In this section we will explain you how is it that the broker AG Markets, and mostly, how is it that a broker (either a forex, CFD, real estate, etc.) works, in general.

What’s a broker?

A broker is an intermediary between a buyer and a seller, it carries out the transaction. A broker may provide at the same time different support or assistance services. Usually a broker operates and generates its benefits through commissions.

How does a broker works?

Now, let’s work with a simpler and easy-to-understand concept. A real estate broker, for example, in this case is an intermediary who arranges a deal between a buyer and a seller of real estate / real property. The real estate broker is in charge also of providing relevant information about the property and if the buyer decides to finally buy the property the broker match them up, make the sale-buy, and receives a commission for the successful deal.

In the forex market (a.k.a. FX market), for example, a broker works very similar to the case we just mentioned. Now, pretend that just like the real estate or land owner, Forex owns the lots in the exchange market, and in this case the trader (that means you) will need a broker to carry out the purchase and sale operations.

Besides this, one of the main characteristics of the CFD and forex brokers, is that they work within the legal framework and they operate through different types of licenses and regulations (this means that the broker is constantly observed and it must be accountable to this entities). This will guarantee that your money is safe and that you are operating with a responsible and trusted entity.

Platforms to operate in the financial markets:

Another important factor that should be mentioned in this explanation is the broker platforms (also called trading platforms) function. To be able to operate and perform the market transactions, a special platform is needed. Usually these platforms contains currency options, the charts, and the constant movement of the currencies in the real time charts. In these platforms you perform your operations and you choose your investment options. The most popular platform among traders is the MetaTrader, there are other platforms, of course, for example NinjaTrader, cTrader and sometimes the brokers develop their own platform too.

Training and learning how to operate with AG Markets:

AG Markets provides advisors and education for you to learn how to invest and operate in the markets and how to be a successful trader. Our expert advisors will recommend you when and how to realize the operations, when to open or close an operation, if it is a purchase or a sale operation and more, having studied the market.

Below is one of the AG Markets videos of our series of educational videos. In this case is the “How to Open Your Account” video. If you want to keep learning you may want to visit the AG Markets YouTube channel.