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Google Inc existed as a company from 1999 until October 2, 2015, when a reorganization of the company led to the merger of Google, Alphabet Inc. and Maple Technologies Inc. This resulted in a total transfer of all the outstanding share capital of Google to the new entity known as Alphabet Inc. The merger also caused Google to absorb several of its smaller subsidiaries.

Therefore, the newly formed Alphabet Inc (Alphabet) is a group of companies along with Nest, Fiber, Calico, Google Ventures, Google X and Google capital. These will be managed individually within the structure of the Alphabet. Some of the basic products that have been associated with Google in recent years such as search, its Adwords program, Google Maps, Android OS and operating devices, as well as YouTube and X-Drive, will still remain products of the Google brand.

Actions and Google quote based on products

Over the years, Google has gone from its traditional business as a search engine and pay per click advertising to deepen the development of technological products that have competed with Microsoft, Yahoo! and Apple. Some of these products are the following:

a) Android OS

Google developed the Android operating system, on which its devices run. This software made it open source, capable of running on several devices. This made the software adaptable in many hardware devices, which has allowed the DO Android to be extended by many phone and tablet manufacturers. This was a change in the gaming tactic that soon got Android-powered devices to challenge Apple's iOS, which was unique to Apple Inc and Apple products.

b) Android Smartphones and Tablets

Google also owns the Nexus phone brand. Several phone and tablet manufacturers have adopted the Android operating system as their software, which allows Google applications to be used on all of these devices.

Services for which Google is known are the following:

c) YouTube, which is a media and video player, could also be considered a social network.

d) Play Store: Formerly known as Android Marketplace.

e) Google Search: This is where Mac applications can be downloaded and installed.

f) Google Drive: This is Google's cloud storage service.

g) Google Docs

h) Adwords

i) Adsense

Google Inc Company

Google's success is due to its ability to face its main competitors and beat them at their own game. Google has been able to wrestle with the market share of Yahoo! and Apple has also gained a lot of ground in devices with Android operating system. Google was able to snatch the market share of smartphones completely from BlackBerry and is also challenging Apple's iPhone, although the iPhone takes the lead, at least for now.

Regarding its other services, the Google Play store has also created many spin-off companies that have been founded by entrepreneurs and programmers, in relation to Android applications.

Google has also been able to maintain its strength in organic search and pay per click advertising. YouTube has served as a true source of advertising and has also generated revenue for those with massive viewing of their videos on the airplay on YouTube.

Google is also consolidating its search engine marketing and Google Adwords, which is a pay-per-click system. The advertising model has undergone several changes and modifications that have managed to keep it ahead of its main competitors. However, it remains to be seen how well Google will adapt to the increased use of mobile advertising by Internet users.

Google Plus has not done so well compared to other social media platforms. Google has announced its plans to completely change the platform and that it will be easier to use.