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Economic calendar

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The AG Markets economic calendar works as an indicator to always be aware and follow economic events or relevant financial news.

Check below the calendar a brief explanation on how to use it....

Economic calendar: how to use it → brief explanation:

The AG Markets economic calendar provides news, events and results related to the global economy. Some of this important information may be, for example, the Portugal trade balance, Portugal GDP growth, France housing starts. Stocks results are also available.

For example, a popular factor is the nonfarm payrolls, generally if they rise, the U.S. Dollar and stocks also rise. This is usually correlated, and also European and Asian stocks rise. If the nonfarm payrolls decline usually the stocks decline too. This gives us a hint of some of the market movements.

One thing to bear in mind about the data that the economic calendar provides is the time of the events. The hours of the events are really important, is not as easy to follow a 3 AM event than a 11 AM event. But this also depends on each trader hours and schedule.

Let’s see an example: China CPI (Consumer Price Index), with the results of this we can try to foresee China currency or indices. You may trade Asian indices, if you trade CFD or also European or U.S. indices, because Chinese economy it’s correlated to European and U.S. economy.

Now let’s see an example with currencies, for example, if we check the jobless claims in the UK, we can have a pretty good idea about the British Pound value. If the jobless claims have negative results, the Pound is expected to fall. If the results are positive, well, the British Pound is expected to rise. In this case, we can use the results either for Forex or CFDs.

One cannot be 100% sure of the results, if the socks, for example, will rise or fall. But we can have a pretty good idea, using and analyzing different economic events and data together. We always recommend following important and relevant news, with a potential impact on the market.

These are only some examples of events and information that one can follow through the economic calendar, how to use them to trade and operate and how to understand and anticipate some of the market movements. If you still have any doubt you may contact us through our contact section.

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