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What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

Bitcoin Cash is an alternative version of Cryptocurrencies, with some improvements over the original Bitcoin, which has arisen from a duplication called (Hard Fork) that was executed on August the 1st, 2017 generating as a result, the separation of the original Bitcoin blockchain, in a pair of differentiated chains and coexistence of the blocks. Its large impact on the cryptocurrency markets is the result of a disagreement over the data and how to achieve the scalability of Bitcoin.

Unlike the implementation of the first Bitcoin and its innumerable advantages, Bitcoin Cash currently manages to process data blocks of 8 MB, it is not compatible with Segwit3 transactions and it supports an address format called CashAddress, differentiable from the traditional format and more compatible with the possible addition of smart contracts.

Bitcoin Cash provides an Altcoin-type cryptocurrency, fulfilling the initial promise of Bitcoin to reach the digital currency of payment between users. These users can enjoy low commissions and highly reliable transfers. It seems that Bitcoin cash has a promising future, thanks to unrestricted growth, innovating in the capacity of not needing permits and a decentralized development.

If an investor has an investment in Bitcoin before block 478558, when Bitcoin Cash is generated, it would obtain the same value from the date of the duplication. Everyone is welcome to the Bitcoin Cash community as we move forward in creating a strong cryptocurrency within everyone's reach in the world. Based on the above, Bitcoin Cash is the only fork (Fork) that looks like Bitcoin, following the original Bitcoin system.

Bitcoin Cash uses the Blockchain system, which works through a chain of blocks. This is the way in which the developers of different cryptocurrencies have to correct the errors of the oldest currencies or propose improvements for them.

In addition to these differences between the two currencies, their operation at the investment level is similar. As explained below, the technology and the possibilities as a future digital currency will change considerably over the years, modifying the behaviour within society and the Cryptocurrency ecosystem.

In comparison with classic Bitcoin, this new Altcoin-type alternative was generated mainly to make exchanges and purchases more quickly and effectively. Previously, the transfer speed was 1 megabyte (MB) and the transaction could take several days. On the other hand, the Bitcoin Cash currency operates as previously mentioned at a speed of 8 MB, thus achieving a faster operation without loss of security, first and foremost. Previously, these transactions used encrypted code that circulated through the network.

The original Bitcoin coin will not disappear and will continue to work, even if a new alternative such as Bitcoin Cash has arrived. Only systems that increase the number of transactions made in this currency will be added.

As of today, this virtual currency has reached $ 1280 per unit in the development of this text and is one of the most popular currencies in the world.

Although in just 24 hours after the duplication of Bitcoin with Bitcoin Cash, it managed to place its value as the third Cryptocurrency among all the Altcoins and in its evolution of value it has positioned itself in the third position by volume and quantity in circulation, as of today, it can be said that it has moved to fourth position.

Should I invest in Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency?

Although it is difficult to know what will happen in a market as changing as the Bitcoin or Altcoins and the emergence of new alternatives, Bitcoin Cash can be maintained by the developers who bet on it and the infrastructure to carry out this work of mining the coin.

Likewise, being able to count with the support of institutions that bet on it, is significantly vital for the continuity and stability of this Cryptocurrency.

Within the Investment Alternative with Ag-Markets, the Bitcoin option is the one that operates with the highest volume and keeps the highest cost price.

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Within the Investment Alternative with Ag-Markets, the Bitcoin option is the one with the highest volume and the highest cost price it maintains.